Unique routes

Unique routes

Cruise for the elite.

Unusual places. The population of any planet, in particular ours (Earth, the third planet from the Sun, the arm of Orion, the Milky Way galaxy) is for the most part ordinary, similar in problems, aspirations, and opportunities. Someone dreams of buying a moped, someone is interested in building a house, planting a tree, of course raising a son, daughter, or at least actively participating in the process of procreation. And there are such individuals who are sickened by the dullness of being, usually such people are bright, attracting to themselves, Leading. Generally unusual. Some kind of search. Something new. They would go to space, discover new planets, get acquainted with unknown forms of life, bring good to mankind. Earlier, at the time of the discoverers, similar functions were performed by Vespucci, Columbus, Magellan. The difficulties and risks that they overcame cause admiration and reverence. But in our time, you can only open a jar of cucumbers. Or choose an original way to satisfy the traveler’s hunger.

An unusual cruise brings intrigue and mystery

in a comfortable and safe environment. You can visit the forests of Tasmania, talking face to face with the Tasmanian devil, or climb into the cold regions of Norway, where the most beautiful and unusual places of northern purity, the Norwegian fjords are majestic, in some places impregnable, they put pressure on someone, and they throw someone challenge of conquest. Visit a cruise tour of the Cayman Islands, where the underwater world is adequately represented by picturesque reefs with a diverse population of silent, but colorful and certainly tasty inhabitants of the local waters. Cruises for the elite, where there is something special, and not just movement, this is the choice for you.

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Asia, 7 ночей
From the port: VLADIVOSTOK
Ports of the Navigation:
Liners: Costa Serena
Date: 29 June, 2021
The price is per 1 person. 34 605 UAH Select