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Sea Cruises: New Travel Prospects with Cruise-Life

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A cruise on a liner is an opportunity to spend a vacation in the open sea, to get new experiences away from classic cultural events.

Cruise-Life offers tours for 8 popular destinations:

  • Mediterranean/Europe. European ports are easily accessible by land and air. There is an opportunity to choose a cruise with check-in at a city hotel, visiting beaches, city tours. You will see the famous European cities and sights, while spending your vacation on the liner.
  • Caribbean Islands. During the cruise, you will visit the sleepy tropical jungle with a guide, coffee plantations, and immerse yourself in the local culture. The Caribbean islands have wonderful landscapes combined with volcanic terrain.
  • Middle East, UAE. Eastern destinations are famous for their exoticism, chic hotels, and sights unusual for Europeans. Here you will get to know the strange underwater world of the Red Sea, the ruins of the ancient Egyptian civilization
  • North. Europe/Norwegian Fjords. Strict Norwegian aesthetics have gained enormous popularity in recent years. The liners of this direction are easier to get to, they have Russian-speaking staff, and there are Russian guides.
  • South-East Asia. The most popular destination in the world. Amazing Chinese traditions and culture permeate the journey.
  • South America. Visit Brazil, Chile, Miami and other mainland countries. Extended cruises may include a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Bahamas. A relatively inexpensive trip with a large selection of tour durations. Tourists are offered rest on blue beaches and swimming in the clear sea.
  • Canary Islands. Warm climate, unique landscapes, secluded beaches attract tourists. Cruises direct the route through several islands, which gives you the opportunity to get to know the local culture better.

Cruise-Life always has tickets to popular destinations, as well as hot cruise ship tours at discounted prices.

Cruise companies we work with

Through Cruise-Life, you can order a cruise on a liner with verified companies:

  • Costa Cruises is the largest operator of European cruises, the head office is located in Italy;
  • MSC Cruises, the company ranks 4th among world cruise companies;
  • Royal Caribbean International is one of the largest American cruise companies, with 42 ships in its arsenal and a huge number of programs;
  • Carnival Cruise Line is the largest company by the number of passengers, the leader in the British-American concern;
  • Celebrity Cruises provides vouchers for premium cruises;
  • Oceania Cruises offers standard cruises of 10-14 days, there is also a long program of 195 days;
  • Holland America Line is known for cruises to America, has been operating since 1873.

The vessels of these operators are well-kept, equipped with staff, restaurants, equipment, comfortable cabins for guests to fully relax.

Advantages of cruise ship tours with Cruise-Life

Cruise-Life is the leading operator in Ukraine. We offer water cruises with advantages:

  • All services in one company;
  • Hotels, tickets, routes and programs are collected in a single system on our website;
  • Cooperation with the best cruise operators in the world;
  • Group and individual travel with a convenient booking system;
  • Detailed information about tours on the website;
  • Low prices for cruises on a liner on burning vouchers.

We also provide a visa support, we help conclude an insurance contract. A bonus program is available for regular customers.

Popular cruise ship prices

On the Cruise-Life website, you can view detailed information about the flight, select the most detailed travel conditions and buy a cruise ticket. The cost of the trip depends on a number of factors:

  • Liner type. Like hotels, ships are divided into categories and have different base prices.
  • Route. Due to economic and cultural factors, different destinations stand differently. Yes, a tour of European countries will cost the cheapest.
  • Cabin type. Guests are offered interior, with windows or balconies and cabins. The cheapest are domestic ones. Suite cabins are more comfortable, residents are offered bonus opportunities and privileges.
  • The way to the cruise ship. You can get on board from a certain point. You can get to the port in different ways, the final price of the trip will depend on their cost.

At Cruise-Life you can find tickets for tours from 118 euros per day in a cabin. Meals and service are included in the price. Current prices for the trip can be viewed in the appropriate section of the website. There you can also fill out passenger questionnaires and reserve seats. For any questions, contact Cruise-Life by phone or write to us in messengers or social networks.